“We found P J Spillings easy to work with, they had the ability to overcome problems and quickly arrive at the right answers. Their construction experience brought to the table the specialist requirements we needed. ”

Paul Collins - Managing Director

Lowestoft Shellfish Co Ltd

Purpose of the project:

Develop bespoke commercial building for wholesale fish and shellfish merchants.


This commercial property was developed out of a disused unit comprising of a 6,000 sq. ft.
building, with an additional 2,000 sq. ft. covered loading area. Situated on an industrial
estate, the building was originally designed for fish processing.

After meeting with local fish companies who were looking to relocate or upgrade, we settled
on adapting the building for wholesale fish and shellfish merchants. Six bespoke units were
created to each client’s specific requirements. The clients signed up to 15 year leases.

To make the site more practical and a safer place to work, we negotiated with the
neighbouring units to construct a rear exit for transport, removing the need for lorry turning.
We also doubled the sq. ft. usage of the building by introducing a first floor area.

This project received funding from the European Food funding agency.

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