Lowestoft beach benefits from a new Volunteer Lifeguard Station

Posted on: October 29th, 2013

P J Spillings have be lucky enough to get involved in the design and construction of the new Lowestoft Volunteer Lifeguard Station.


Lowestoft beach has been constantly changing over the past ten years and as a result, the Volunteer Lifeguards were left with a very small section in front of their original shelter to patrol. This meant that the general public were populating different areas of the beach away from the safety of the lifeguard station.

It was inevitable that a new lifeguard station was required and with a lot of hard work and self fundraising, the Volunteer Lifeguards found the perfect position – a misused sheltered seating area central to the beach.


Once planning was agreed, P J Spillings bricked and blocked up the external walls and created three main sections internally, a large equipment store, lookout station and training room. All three sections were fitted with large windows and fold away security shutters. A large set of double doors were installed for quick access to the equipment store and changing rooms, and a separate single door to gain entry to the training room.

P J Spillings were consulted at the early stages of planning to ensure the new shelter provided the lifeguards with exactly what they needed. Once the renovations were complete, the volunteers then took over with the interior fit out and decoration, ensuring the distinctive red and yellow features gave the new lifeguard station maximum visibility to the public.


“On behalf of the Lowestoft Volunteer Lifeguard Corps I would like to thank P J Spillings for their support and commitment to our project. We are very proud of our new lifeguard station, which for a small organisation is a great achievement. P J Spillings played a central role from the design to the subsequent construction and provided us with valuable advice along the way. This new station has allowed us to extend our lifeguard activities to a popular part of the beach, which until now hasn’t benefited from a lifeguard presence.”

 Angus – Club captain, Lowestoft Volunteer Lifeguard Corps