Sea defences save holiday village from disappearing into the sea

Posted on: May 22nd, 2013

P J Spillings Construction has built emergency sea defences to stop rapid coastal erosion in Hopton-on-Sea, Lowestoft. The beach had almost disappeared and Hopton Holiday Village, at the top of the cliff, was under threat of falling into the sea.

Hopton5This emergency situation demanded a quick, but longstanding solution. The beach was unsafe and closed to public access – a major drawback for a seaside holiday location. The holiday village and surrounding area had to be made secure.

Working together for over 20 years, P J Spillings completed this project in partnership with engineer Alastair Tindle. Both were contracted by Bourne Leisure, owners of Hopton Holiday Village – which in the high season can have 3,500 residents, more than Hopton village itself.

The sea defence was constructed of approximately 7,000 tonnes of granite, imported by boat from Norway to Lowestoft. The rocks, weighing approximately six tonnes per boulder, were unloaded by a 50 tonne crane vessel before being transported by road to the site at Hopton. The car park was used to store the rocks which were then moved into position on the beach by 20 tonne dumpers. A further 3,000 tonnes of smaller rocks were also used as part of the defence.

These rocks, positioned on the quay and beach will protect the area for many years to come.